Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holiday Bread

This bread was done sometime ago using bread machine, the recipe is from the machine manual. This bread texture is rather soft compare to some that I've tried from the manual.
Lately have been really busy thus haven't got the time or mood to do or try new recipes, some plan items have also been put on hold for quite while, just hope that everything will settle down soon.

loaf size                     750g     900g

water                      100ml    120ml

milk                         140ml    180ml

oil                            2tbsp    3tbsp

salt                         1 1/2tsp   2tsp

sugar                      4tbsp       5tbsp

bread flour              380g        500g

walnut chopped      60g           80g

dry yeast               1 1/2tsp      1 3/4tsp

Program : sweet