Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Bread

This bread was done couple of weeks back, as I forgot to buy food for next day's breakfast so attempt this bread that I saw from a HK forum long ago, its called pai pao (排包) in HK.
The bread taste sweet and the dough suppose to be rolled into a swiss roll and arrange on tray for final proofing, but somehow on the day of doing the bread the proofing was slower then other times so I find the easy way out roll each dough into ball and lined them onto tray. The final proofing was so slow that I once thought that maybe the yeast was dead, I thought since it didn't rise well, will try to make a prata or something else next morning....surprising later that midnite the buns finally finish proof to double the size, all in all it took me 5 hours to finish making this bread....^_^