Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Braised Chicken wings in soya sauce

Cooked this dish for last Saturday's dinner per Kenny's request. Took reference from Tham Yui Kai's book. Remark was encouraging for first attempt on such dish.

Braised Chicken wings in soya sauce (豉油鸡)

6 chicken wings
some salt and black pepper

4 tbsp light soya sauce
2 tbsp dark soya sauce
½ cup rock sugar
4 tbsp cooking wine
1/2tsp Sichuan pepper corn
2 pcs of cinnamon
3 star anise
½ tsp cloves
1 tsp powder chicken stock
700ml water

1) Marinate chicken wings with some salt and black pepper for a few hours in fridge.
2)Add all the spices and sauces and water into a pot, bring to boil. Add in chicken wings and boil for 30min on low fire. Remove chicken and lay on plate.
3)Pour some sauce of 2) into wok, add a little water and 1 tsp sesame oil bring to boil and stir in corn flour water and boil till the gravy thickens. Pour the gravy over the chicken and serve.


Peony said...

your blog very good..
ya, just bear in mind that this is for yourself and the pressure not that great.
cause in the begining,I too feel uncomfortable to know people reading my getting thick skin :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks peony for your kind words. Already to me is a big step to start a blog :)