Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas To All!

Have not made logcake for a long time, the thought of making it have been lingering in my mind these few day. So finally did a simple chocolate logcake this afternoon for my family...



1 egg

2 egg yolk

50g icing sugar

2 egg white

40g caster sugar/fine sugar

40g cake flour

10g cocoa powder

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tbsp corn oil

some chopped walnut


50g chocolate coverture

200g whipping cream (whipped till peak)



Melt chocolate coverture over double boil. Add melted chocolate into whipped whipping cream, mix till well combined. Place in fridge till later use.


1. Sift icing sugar. Mix cocoa powder and cake flour, sift 2 to 3 times, set aside.

2. Beat whole egg, egg yolk and icing sugar till pale yellow color. Mix oil and vanilla essence, add into egg yolk mixture.

3. Beat egg white till form, add in caster sugar in 3 portion, beat till stiff peak form.

4. Mix flour mixture into egg yolk mixture, mix well.

5. Add half portion of egg white into 4) mix lightly till well combine, pour the mixture back into the balance portion of egg white and mix well.

6. Lined pan (24x28cm) with baking paper. Pour batter into pan and bake at 200 deg C for 12-15min.

7. Remove cake from oven, place it on a cooling rack and let it cool down completely.

8. Remove the baking paper, place the cake on another shit of baking paper larger than size of the cake. Spread some chocolate cream on it, sprinkle some chopped walnut. Roll the cake using the baking paper. Spread more cream on the cake, then use a fork to create the lines on the cake. Decorate as desired.


Sri said...

This looks really good!!! Merry Xmas!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sri;)