Monday, February 12, 2007

Kuih makmur and Butter cookie

Got too much left over dough from making the pineapple tarts, and since I have some ground peanut so I add about 30g of icing sugar to the dough and make kuih makmur from it, bake at 150ºC for 15min.
Also did some butter cookie on friday nite, forgot to take picture of it before Kenny store it in the bottle. Must thank my friend S for giving me the recipe.


shirley said...

Hi Jen

Your kuih makmur look so perfect! Can you share the recipe. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Hi shirley,

Thanks for you compliment.
I use my pineapple tart recipe the and about 20-30g icing sugar into the dough(can't recall how much I use), mix the chopped peanut with caster sugar(individual taste). Take about 10g of dough, form into a ball then press it flat on the palm and spoon about half tsp of ground peanut, form into shape then use the crimping tool and crimp the center and the side then bake at 150deg for about 15-20min.