Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stuff Glutinous Ball (糯米糍)

Wanted to take a break from cake baking, so made this snack. The dough was quite springy quite difficult to shape to add filling, looks quite ugly and not so round...LOL. The kids enjoy it so much that they don't mind to eat those with broken dough skin, and it was sweep off the plate in no time while I was wrapping the filling. Recipe from March issue's Oriental Cuisine.

250 g glutinous rice flour
30g sugar
20g shortening
300ml water

Filling: (mix)
300g peanuts (toasted and grounded),
150g sugar

Mix glutinous rice flour with sugar, water and shortening, mix into batter. Pour the glutinous batter into a container. Steam the glutinous batter in high heat for 20min, once cooked, let it cool down.

Pour the steam glutinous dough into a tray with additional glutinous rice flour.

Cut the dough with knife into about 30g each.

Flatten the dough into round shape.

Wrap in peanut filling.

Form into balls. Coat with glutinous rice flour again. Serve.

--The recommend 300g peanut is too much, I didn't finish the 180g of gounded peanuts for my dish.

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