Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Flaky Yam Paste Mooncake

My first attempt on such mooncake but was quite disappointed with the final result, suppose to deep fried the pastry in the final stage but the skin turn out very ugly, so bake the rest of after trying deep frying 4 pieces. The spiral was not as uniform as expected, think maybe due to trying to wrap too much filling with the amount of pastry. Recipe adapt from Agnes Chang's mooncake vcd...

1.5 kg mashed yam
350g sugar
160g oil
150g almond nibbed (roasted at 180 deg for 15 min)

1) Steam the yam till soft, mash it with food-processor or the side of knife blade. Texture should be very smooth.
2) Add oil, sugar and yam into wok and stir fry till its smooth dough, about 15min.
3) Leave it aside to cool.

A: Water Dough
240g plain flour (sifted)
1 tbsp castor sugar
70g shortening
1 tsp lime juice/lemon juice
130ml water

1) Add shortening and sugar to high protein flour.
2) Press the shortening into flour lightly. Make a well.
3) Add lemon juice into water. (Lemon juice help to make the flour become gluten easily)
4) Add lemon water into center of flour mixture.
5) Form into a dough, knead till a smooth dough.
6) Cover the dough and let it rest.

B: Oil dough
240g hongkong flour (sifted)
170g shortening

1) Add shortening to plain flour.
2) Gently press the shortening into flour with hand. Form into dough.
3) Roll into a long tube and divide into 8 pieces.
4) Roll into ball of each piece of dough.

To make the pastry skin

1) Roll water dough into long tube and divide into 8 pieces.
2) Flaten the water dough, wrap a piece of oil dough into water dough.
3) Roll the dough out from the middle into thin and long shape.
4) Do a swiss roll.
5) Turn the dough 90° and roll the dough flat into long thin oblong shape.
6) Fold it to half lengthwise.
7) Roll it very flat and long. Do swiss roll.
8) Let it rest for 10 min.

9) Add almond nibbed into yam paste and knead it to make the nibbed evenly distributed.
10) Divide yam into 16 portions and roll into a ball, each 100g of yam paste.

11) Flour table top. Hold the dough disc with circle facing left or right side. Cut the dough disc into half.
12) Press the dough with circle face up, press with palm to flatten it a little. Roll the dough disc side edge till very flat and thin.
13) Wrap the yam filling with the circle pattern facing out, and gently close it up.
14) Bake it at 180 deg C for 20-25min or till skin turn brown.

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