Monday, September 3, 2007

Longan Jelly Mooncake

Bought the mould last year but no chance to make till this year, didn't follow the recipe cos don't have some ingredient at home so did a little change, still it taste nice. Recipe from the mid autum mooncake book by one publisher...

Filling ingredients:
5gm Agar-agar powder
250ml longan syrup

150gm longan flesh (diced)

Pastry Ingredients:
7.5gm agar-agar powder
340ml water
70 gm castor sugar

100ml Evaporated milk
10gm custard powder
3 drops of yellow colouring

1. Bring (A) to boil till dissolved, add in (B), mix even.

2. Pour into small cup mould, let it set.

3. Bring (C) to boil till dissolved, add in (D) mix till even.

4. Pour into about half of mooncake mould, let it set.

5. Place the agar-agar from (2) into mooncake mould, then pour in rest of agar-agar in step 3. and place in fridge to chill.


Peony said...

Some one pass me an award and I have passed it on to you here :D

Jennifer said...

Thanks Peony for the award.:)


Anonymous said...


Do u have problem cutting the mooncake? What are the steps to do inorder to let the fillings n skin stay together ? My 3rd try n still the skin n the fillings not sticking..Thanks

Jennifer said...

Hi anonymous,

I use normal knife to cut but did wet the knife at every cut.The layer didn't really separate unless the inner layer is very near the edge.