Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Teriyaki Fish Fillet

Bought a piece of fish steak at a hyper supermarket, knowing the kids may not eat the fish if I pan fry it, but they do like fish dish that's cooked with teriyaki sauce.
So I deboned the fish steak and slice it into smaller pieces, marinate it with some pepper, salt and cooking wine, set aside for about 30min. Then coat each slice with some cornstarch, place the fish slice in hot oil and fry it till golden color. Dish and set aside.

Pour the teriyaki sauce into the wok, let it simmer till thicken, pour the fish slice back into the wok and coat the fish with the sauce. Dish and serve.


QQ red apple said...

Hi Jen,
This kind of fish remember me what my granny made for me when I refuse to eat fish. I think she add some sugar too, it taste like a bit of satay. Oooo, thanks for posting cause I'm almost forget this kind of dish already.

Jennifer said...

Thanks QQ,

You can refer to the post teriyaki chicken for the terriyaki sauce. I'm curious about your granny's method, will look up for the recipe and try it out.