Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ondeh Ondeh

Happen to find this recipe in some old notes, since Kenny bought some orange sweet potatoes last weekend, I took 1 and make this recipe. The dough was up to my expectation but the palm sugar was a bit too sweet...

200g sweet potato
100g glutinous rice flour
water (about 70ml)
gula melaka
grated coconut + pinch of salt

1) Remove skin of sweet potato and steam or boil it till soft.

2) Mash the sweet potato into paste, add in glutinous rice flour and add water 1 tbsp by 1 tbsp till a soft dough is form.

3) Rest the dough for about fifteen minutes.

4) Steam the grated coconut with pinch of salt for about 10min. Remove and aside to let it cool.

5) Slice the gula melaka into small pieces, as small as possible so that it will melt when boiling the dough later.

6) Roll the dough into desire ball size, press a hole in the center, place a little chopped gula melaka in the dough and seal the dough properly.

7) Boil a pot of water, place the dough(with gula melaka) in the boiling water and boil till the dough float. Scoop up the dough and roll it over the grated coconut.

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