Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Valerie's Tofu Cheesecake

Tried this tofu cheesecake recipe taught by Ms Valarie Kong. Even I forgot to add sugar...haha... to the cheese layer, but luckily the cake still turn out alright. And most importat all like this cake ;)


ChezzyHeart said...

Wld u be able to share the recipe of this tofu cheesecake pls? Thks inadv :)


Jennifer said...

Hi ChezzyHeart,

The teacher is still teaching this recipe so I can't share it.


ChezzyHeart said...

Hi Jennifer,
In this case, Wld u be kind enuff to share what ingredients r used in the tofu cheesecake? Is this a non-bake version? thks

ChezzyHeart said...

Oh ya, forgot to highlight if u cld email me with the reply as i might miss checking into this blog. thks =)

Jennifer said...

Hi chezzyheart,

I've replied you via email.


lai said...


Can email me the recipe? Thank. My boys loves cheesecake but not able to take in too much cheese. Looking for healthier version. My addres is myhomerecipe@gmail.com

Olivia said...


Would you be so kind to email me the recipe as I wish to try making one for a colleague's birthday. My email is olivia_flowerpod@yahoo.com


Jennifer said...

Hi Olivia,

Do attend Ms Valerie's class for her recipe, she's still teaching the recipe.


ra said...

Hi there,

Would you be so kind as to email me the ingredients used in this recipe? I understand that you are unable to share the recipe itself, so it would be awesome if i could just get a list of ingredients. (as i am living in Australia and have no way of attending a cake workshop. =( ) Also, is this a no bake cake?


jasss said...

understand that u are unable to share the recipe of this tofu cheesecake , so where can i attend the class ? thks !

Anonymous said...


could you email me the recipe for this?


kennyzai said...

hi ,
may i know where can have the course ?or u giving a course for us/


Anonymous said...

what kind of whipping cream did u use for the above recipe? Emborg or Elle & Vire?

Jennifer said...

I can't remember what did I use..usually I just use any brand thats in my fridge..I buy emborg or milac cream...