Friday, August 28, 2009

Handmade Noodle (Ban Mian)

Last weekend, I felt like cooking noodle or something else for a change instead of the usual porriage for lunch. So I attempt made some noodles with my new toy--noodle maker which my friend S bought for me sometime ago, the noodle texture is softer than the usual ban mian that's selling outside.

500g plain flour
1tsp salt
1tbsp oil
240g water
Other ingredients:
Ikan billis
Mince meat - marinate with sesame oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, corn flour
fish ball
carrot (slice)
2-2.5L stock

1. Mix plain flour with salt in mixer with dough hook, add in water and mix a while, add in oil and mix till the mixture becomes a smooth dough.

2. Rest the dough in a covered bowl for 1 hour. Use noodle maker and roll the dough into thin sheets first (no.7 and no. 5 on noodle maker) , then roll it into broad noodles. Dust with flour in between the process.

3. Boil stock with ikan billis, add in slice carrot and boil for a while, add in marinated mince pork, boil till pork floats, add in adequate amount of noodles and bring to boil, stir the noodle with chopstick to prevent it from sticking together, lastly add in fish ball boil till it floats and vegetables. Server immediately.


Joy said...

How beautiful fresh and delicious this dish looks. I can't wait to get my pasta maker and I would certainly try these noodles. Such a lovely post!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Joy for your compliment.
As its my first attempt, I started with 500g plain flour with was a little too much for 4 of us, you can keep the balance in fridge for next day.
Found another similar recipe here..


HK Choo said...

Nice change...I would sometimes make the noodle with egg as one of the ingredients :)

sharon said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. This reminds me that I haven't eaten this for a very long time. I have to try this out as we don't get it over here. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Hi Sharon,

You can also roll the dough into thin sheets then tear it pieces and throw into boiling stock, that will be call mee hun kueh.