Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Valerie's Apple Crumble Pie

Attended Ms Valerie's Apple Crumble Pie class last week, thanks to my friend S for recommending this class, lucky that I manage to sign up at the last minute. Although Valerie gave each student a big tasting portion, Randal asked for more after tasting it, so I made 1 batch for Sunday's breakfast. The part on making the crumble is rather tricky, so ask Trenyce to help me did it. The crumble is very crispy, even after a few hours, the crispiness still stays, we love this recipe. ran out of battery, so didn't get to take the interior of the pie...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer

I've been reading about Valerie Kong's classes and been wanting to attend but I don't know where her classes are held. Could you please email to me at

Many thanks

Jennifer said...

Hi Shirlyn,

Go to PA website...look for classes on "variety baking workshop for adults", you should be able to find her classes, she teaches at serangoon cc, cainhill cc and a few other cc.


HK Choo said...

WOW nice..must be good since your son asked for more :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Choo,

Yes, the topping is crunchy and the filling is not sweet, we love it.


Anonymous said...

hi... I learned this recipe and some others from Valerie too in 2009. Her recipe is great. this year I was busy at work and now found a slot on 1Sept for the swiss roll class...though I already know but enjoy learning from a diff instructor. Its nice to know people learning from the same instructor and share our thoughts.

Jennifer said...

Hi anonymous,

Agree with you that some of Valarie's recipe are nice. Me too are quite busy lately, hope that when things settle down, I could do some baking again.