Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mexican Bun

This bread was very popular in S'pore sometime ago, saw this recipe in the recent issue Famous magazine, so made a batch for last weekend's breakfast, except for Trenyce all like this bread although the topping was a little bitter, Kenny said that the filling can be optional...

Dough ingredients:

400g high protein flour or bread flour
40g caster sugar
10g salt
1/8 tsp bread improver (I omit this)
8g instant yeast
190ml cold milk
1 egg
30g butter

120g butter(melted), 120g icing sugar
1tbsp coffee essence
1tbsp instant coffee powder
2 eggs, 120g plain flour

Butter filling
250g butter, 200g sugar


1. To make bun, combine high protein flour, sugar, salt, improver and yeast in a mixer. Add in cold milk and egg, beat until form dough. Lastly add in butter, continue beat until smooth and elastic dough is formed.

2. Keep dough into warm place. Cover and leave aside for 50min. Divide dough into 50g each portion. Wrap in a cubed of butter with coated sugar. Place onto greased baking tray.

3. Leave the dough to rise for 40min or until double in size.

4. To make topping, mix melted butter, icing sugar, coffee essence, instant coffee powder and eggs. Add in flour, mix until well combined. Keep aside.

5. Pipe topping mixture onto rised bun and bake in preheated oven at 190degC for 20 min.

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