Thursday, October 29, 2009

1st Project from my new toy

Bought a singer sewing machine with the intention to do altering of pants length, but the thought of make something else kept dwelling in my mind, then decided on a quilt for Trenyce, thought it will be easy to do with my almost zero knowledge on sewing...but almost gave up when I dive in and when doing this quilt...lucky my friend and Kenny advise to keep it need basting as our weather is pretty warm here...else I won't know when I will complete this quilt, finally after few months of struggling its completed last weekend with many mismatch here and there...LOL

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Esther said...

Hi Jen
Get to know your blog from KC. The quilt is so beautifully sewn. I wish I can have half your skills on sewing. Your child is so blessed :-) 温暖牌被子

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