Saturday, April 2, 2011

Assam Sotong

Craving for sontong or squid so I use my mum-in-laws chilli paste and cook some spicy sour squid.

500g sotong/squid - weight is before cleaning and clearing the unwanted parts
1 tbsp chilli paste- the paste is quite spicy for me so i only use 1 tbsp
2 tbsp assam paste mix with half cup water- not sure how much to use but add in a few tbsp of the mixture and taste it before adding more
2 tbsp sugar

1. Clean and cut squid into smaller pieces.
2. Add squid into wok, stir for a while and there will alot of water in the wok. Throw away the water. Remove squid and set aside.
3. Add in a little oil, fry the chilli paste for a while, then pour in squid and a little assam juice and sugar. Taste the sauce, if not sour enough, add more assam juice. Dish and serve.

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Rita said...

My favourite...! :-)