Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pork floss Brinjal

This is one of the dishes that I tried with my new toy... Philips Airfryer. Healtier way of cooking without using much oil and at the same time taste the sweetness of the brinjal.

After cut and soak the brinjal for a while, drain and coat the brinjal with some oil, I use my hands to rub the brinjal pieces, only need 2 tbsp oil for 2 big brinjal. Then place the brinjal in preheated airfryer and let it 'fry' at 180 deg C for 15min then remove on plate, sprinkle with pork floss...its that easy..

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Weekend Cook said...

Hi Jennifer!
I use my airfryer for numerous recipes too. Care to share what other recipes you've tried with the airfryer?

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