Friday, January 20, 2012

Chi Gu Chips

Chi gu aka as chinese arrow head, its only available at this time of the year near to Chinese Lunar New Year. I'm curious about this chips as many said its nice to eat but to me the price of ready made ones selling outside are expensive, so I read thru a few blogs and the process seems rather easy to do.
I tried with half kg at first to trial the process, the thickness of the vegetable, the oil temperature etc. Then bought another 1.5kg last weekend and finish a batch with help from Kenny..

   Fresh chi gu, bigger better, easier to shred.. 

After peel off the skin, leave the top part for easy holding while shredding

Shredded pieces for chi gu waiting to deep fried over medium fire

After fried. Preferred the chips to be slightly darker than pale color as it taste better.

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