Friday, January 20, 2012

Closed Pineapple Tarts

My friend S came all the way to my place to pass me a pack of pineapple paste, she wanted me to try as she knows I didn't have time to cook the paste. I have put off the thinking of making pineapple tarts this year but was curious about the taste of the paste and since I have a batch of pastry left, I try it by making some close tart using airfryer. I like the paste, taste like from pineapple with some sourish taste, but my pillow tarts was abit big...LOL..will fine tune the size next time if make.


380g plain flour
20g corn flour
250g salted butter
1 egg

Sift flours in a bowl, rub in butter (cut into small pieces), add egg and form a dough. Chill in fridge for 20min.
Take 10g pastry form into a ball, flatten, wrap with 10g of pineapple paste (roll into ball), form into desire shape. Bake in airfryer at 160degC for 15-20 min till golden color. Remove and cool on rack.

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