Sunday, December 23, 2007

Deep fried Chicken Rolls Coated with Sesame Seed

Has been quite busy at work lately plus went on holiday to Hong Kong early December so didn't update my blog.
Bought some recipe book while I was at HK popular, this recipe was from one of the book title 'Easy Cooking at Home'. Tried this dish reference from the book for Thursday's dinner, run out of white sesame as mention in the recipe, as usual use what's available in my sesame...

300g chicken fillet
Black sesame seed
75g carrot
75g celery
Corn flour
2 egg yolk (beaten)

½ tsp salt
1/8 tsp sugar
1 tsp light soy sauce
¼ tsp chicken powder
Sesame oil
Ground white pepper


1. Thinly slice chicken fillet. Mix with marinade and leave for 15min.
2. Peel carrot and cut into strips. Tear the hard fiber off celery and cut into strips.
3. Place carrot and celery on chicken and roll. Seal with a little corn flour.Coat chicken roll with corn flour. Dip in egg yolk. Coat with sesame seeds. Deep fry until golden brown and done. Serve immediately.

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