Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Year Cake-年糕 (步步高升)

Have tried to cook or make some dishes or cakes with auspicious name for this year's Chinese New Year, nian gao is one cake that I never thought will try to do but during one of the weekday last week sudden thought struck me to try it, the first one was not really like nian gao as it was too soft, so I try it another round after flipping thru some recipe books over the weekend and did some adjust with reference from another recipe and came up with this cake,the taste was ok but color was abit light, will add some dark brown sugar next time...


300g glutinous rice flour

60g wheat flour

400g brown sugar

400ml water


Stir sugar in water till sugar dissolve. Add in both flour and stir till well combined. Sieve the mixture then pour into well grease 8" mould. Cover the mixture with aluminium foil and steam for 45min-1 hour or until cook.

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