Friday, February 12, 2010

Pineapple tarts

These tarts are the last batch of cookies that I made for this coming chinese new year, this time I adjust an old recipe for the pastry...

250g butter (I prefer to use goldencurn for its rich butter fragrant)
400g flour
1 egg + 1 yolk

1. Leave butter at room temperature for half hour, cut into smaller pieces and place in flour, use finger tip to rub butter with flour till it resemble bread crumbs.
2. Add in the eggs and mix till it form a dough(do not over mix), chill in fridge for 30min.
3. Take a portion of dough and roll between two plastic sheets, dust with little flour, use cookie cutter and cut out desire shapes, place on baking tray thats lined with pachment paper, form the pineapple paste into a ball and place on top of pastry. Apply glaze to the tarts.
4. Bake at preheated 170degC oven for 20mins.


Joy said...

I must try these!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Joy,
It taste better with paste cooked from fresh pineapple.
Remove core of pineapple, grate the pineapples (about 3 is enough for 1 recipe) drain away some juice then cook it over low fire till it become thick paste.
You can cook it on different day then chill in fridge, thaw it before use.

Joy said...

Thankyou for that further information!

HK Choo said...

Thumbs up!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Choo. But still prefer to make my own jam.