Monday, March 1, 2010

Yuan Xiao (元宵)

The 15th day of the first chinese lunar month(Sunday) was the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration, tang yuan (glutinous rice ball) is the dessert that some or many chinese family will eat on this day. Bought a pack of japanese mochi flour sometime ago, tried making the tang yuan with it, the flour is abit more sticky compare to the local glutinous flour, maybe because the nature of japanese rice is more sticky, the tang yuan turn out more chewy as compare to nomal type.

    Japanese Mochi Flour

We like to add sweet potato to the sweet soup, I sweeten it with orange sugar.


Joy said...

What a treat! A lovely way to end this celebration!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Joy;)

Anonymous said...


May I know where did you get the Japanese Mochi Flour?

Jennifer said...

Hi Hueybing,

I bot it from Sunlik, the shop is at seah street.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer



HK Choo said...

I've never tried the addition of sweet potato, hope I will remember to do that next time. :D