Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Hae Bee Hiam (Fry dried shrimps with dried chilli)

Once in a long while I will do this dish, either is craving for the dish or just need it for other dishes.

Recipe was based on estimation of how I did the dish...


30 dried chillies (I just take a plastic bag and use one hand to grab the amount, never check how much I bought...use less of the chillies if want it to be less spicy)
3 or 4 slice of ginger (each slice about 3mm thick)
about 6tbsp of water
500 gram of dried shrimps
50gm buah keras (candlenut)
about 6-8 shallot
about 6-8 garlic
oil for fying


1) Soak the dried chillies in tap water for about 2hours or till soft. Cut into smaller pieces, remove the seed. Drain away the water. (I did not have enough never remove)

2)Soak dried shrimps for 1hour with tap water, just to soften it abit. Drain away the water.

3)Put half the dried chillies and 2 slice of ginger into blender add some water and blend into smooth paste, must be very fine paste, pour it into a bowl and blend the remaining half chillies with ginger and water till paste.

4) Use a food processor, use the chopper, scope about 1/3 of the dried shrimps and a few shallot and garlic and a few table spoon of chilli paste. Grind till fine, the shrimps should be very fine. Scope it into a big bowl. Repeat till finish all the shrimps. The hae bee hiam should be dry not wet.

5)Heat up wok, pour about 1 cup of oil, put the uncooked hae bee hiam in it and fry it over medium low fire, too high heat will burn the hae bee. In between may need to add more oil in case the hae bee hiam looks too dry. It take about 20min to fry the dish. Fry until it turns draker red color, then should be ok.


-Although garlic and shallot gives very nice fragrant but don't put too much cause it contains water and it will make the hae bee hiam not lasting and easily spoilt.
-if cannot finish the dish, just keep in the fridge and fry again next day(no need or use little oil), the taste will be even better.

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Sophia said...


Don't you add some tamarind juice on this? Any suggestion what you use this for?