Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Pork Ball

I have always wanted to learn this dish whenever I ate it at my granny's place during CNY since long time ago but always can't get it right after numerous try. About 2 years ago came across the book 阿鸿上菜 and took reference from the way he did the 狮子头 dish and finally got pork ball right.


1kg mince pork
3tbsp light soya sauce
2tsp white pepper
3tbsp corn flour
2tbsp sesame oil
8-10 pc of waterchestnut (chopped)


1. Use the chopper to pound(chopping action) the mince pork, this is to break up the vein that
usually is not done properly by mince machine.

2. Mix the mince meat with the above ingredients then marinate it for a few hours.

3. Heat a wok will sufficient amount of oil.

4. Wet hand with water, scoop about 1 tbsp of meat onto hand, form the meat into ball then throw it between both hands(thisaction is to remove the air in the meat ball) then gently put meatball into oil.

5. Deep fry till golden brown then remove and drain.

-Can mix 1 bowl of rice(fried with some mince ginger) to the mince pork, the starch in the rice does give the meat ball better texture.

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