Friday, December 22, 2006

Kuih Angku

Tried this recipe (from Agnes Chang's book), quite happy with the shape and colour, but the skin's tend to turn hard after a few hours. The advise from fellow forum friends were to mix in mash sweet potatoes for the dough for better texture kuih skin, will try with sweet potatoes next time.

50g rice flour, mix with 210ml water and 3 ½ tbsp oil, stir and boiled, cooled
300g glutinous rice flour
a little red colouring
enough water to mix into dough (about ½ cup)

150g mung bean washed, soaked for 4 hours or overnight, steam and mashed
2 tbsp oil
3 shallots, flattened
100g sugar
¼ tsp salt

1 big piece banana leaf, cut into oval shape(to the angku)
½ cup oil, for brushing skin

1) Filling: Heat up oil, stir fry shallot till golden brown. Discard shallots. Add mashed mung bean, sugar, salt and stir fry until it can leave the side of pan. Remove and leave to cool. Form into the small balls as filling.
2) Skin: Mix and knead all ingredients until it form into a pliable dough.
3) Wrap 1 part of filling(20g) with 1 part skin(30g), press into angku mould and knock out. Line with a piece of grease banana leaf and steam with high heat for 5min.
4) Remove and brush with oil.
(Make: 18-20)

Note: Mould from Phoon Huat.

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