Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Steam Bake Chocolate Pudding

Learn this dessert at Phoon Huat a few weeks ago. This is the second time I tried cos the first time I failed as I didn't know that the batter is not suppose to fill the whole mould, my friend S help to find out that the batter only fill half the mould. This pudding is taste best when serve warm with ice cream.

3x 8 ½ inch savarin mould

175 gm unsalted butter
A) 90gm caster sugar
8 egg yolks
150g dark chocolate couverture – melted

8 egg whites
B) 90gm sugar

175gm ground hazelnut
50gm bread crumbs

1. Cream the butter with sugar A until creamy.

2. Add in egg yolks and melted chocolate, mix till well combined.

3. Whip up egg white and sugar B until soft peak, add into step2.

4. Lastly mix in ground hazelnut and bread crumb.

5. Pour into savarin mould and steam bake at 200°C until set.

-Fill the batter till half the mould.

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