Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sambal Chilli

This recipe was from Danny Cheok's Nasi Lemak Class. I didn't want to waste the chilli paste, so I add in the whole packet of chilli paste and end up its a bit too spicy for my taste. As it was bit too spicy for everyone, so I tried ground some dried shrimps and fried with half portion chilli paste, end up the hae bee hiam was perfect and everybody like it.

Ingredients A:
100g shallots
50g garlic
3 buah keras (soak in water and cut)
10g belacan (Pulau pinaug) from Penang
2 ½ tbsp chilli boh (Rabbit brand)

Ingredients B:
5 tbsp sugar
Salt to taste
50g assam paste mixed with 150 ml water and strain

1. Blend ingredients A together into paste. Add cooking oil for easy blending.Heat oil and stir fry chilli paste till fragrant. Add in ingredients B and bring to boil. Use small fire and cook until oil separated from chillis.

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