Monday, October 6, 2008

Orange Cotton Cheesecake

This cake texture is soft like Japanese Cheesecake. I alter a little of the methods in the recipe from my understanding of the recipe. Recipe from Agnes Chang's 'I can bake' book.

250g cream cheese
220ml fresh milk
100g butter/margarine

70g plain flour , sifted
20g corn flour, sifted
60g castor sugar
6 egg yolks
1 orange, grated rind and squeezed juice

6 egg white
¼ tsp cream of tartar
60g castor sugar

1. Put cream cheese and fresh milk into a double boiler. Double boil till cream cheese has melted. Remove from heat, add butter, stir till butter has melted and leave to cool.

2. Beat egg yolks and sugar till sugar dissolve, add in orange rind and juice mix till combined, sifted flour and corn flour, add into egg yolk mixture and mix till well combined.

3. Add step 2 into cooled cream cheese mixture and stir well to form batter.

4. Whisk B till soft peak form, fold cream cheese mixture till well combined.

5. Pour cake mixture into a non-grease 10” square baking tin. (I use 9” sq tin)

6. Put baking tin into a large roasting pan half filled with hot water. Steam bake at 150°C for 1½ hours till golden brown and cooked.

7. Remove cake from the oven, invert the cake onto a cake rack and leave to cool completely. Chill the cake in fridge for at least 2 hours. Cut into pieces and serve.


Jo said...

yummy yummy..... looks very nice to eat! thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...


You're Welcome.:)


Anonymous said...


I am interested to try out this recipe of urs. However, just wondering, how much would be 1 orange? As in what would be the amount(ml) that I shoud add? Please advise.
Thank you in advance.


Jennifer said...


I used the bigger size orange, for 1 orange I can get about 80ml of juice. Hope it helps.


Anonymous said...

Jen, Should I wait for step 1 to be completely cool b4 starting doing step 2 onwards...


Jennifer said...


I did cool the step 1 mixture cos I worry it may cook the eggs in step 2.