Friday, October 17, 2008

Potato Croquette

I like the taste of potatoes, the kids love potato croquette, this round the croquette looks and taste better than those that I have done before.

3 dutch potatoes
Half carrot – chopped
Dash of pepper and salt
About 2 cups breadcrumbs for coating
1 egg – beaten

1) Wash and boil potatoes in a pot of boiling water till fully cooked.

2) Remove potatoes and put in a cold water for a while. Peel off the skin. Mash the potatoes till paste form.

3) Add in chopped carrot, salt and pepper. Mix till well combined.

4) Shape the potato mixture to a disc shape. Place aside for a while.

5) Coat the potato disc with egg, then place it in breadcrumbs and cover it with bread crumbs, shake off excess breadcrumbs.

6) Heat up wok with lots of oil, place the potato croquette in hot oil, fried till golden color. Dish and serve warm.

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