Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stir fry nian gao

Mum-in-laws had told me that the dish stir fry nian gao is a must do during chinese new year for the family as Kenny's grandpa was from Shanghai, and he had made a point to pass down the traditional dishes in the family. I have been learning to do stir fry nian gao from a few years ago and trying to improve it. Kenny gave thumb up for this nian gao that I did couple of weeks back.

Ingredients: (All are my rough estimation)
-half pack of dried nian gao (bought it from yu hua guo huo) - soak overnite
-a few tbsp of dried shrimps - soaked and chopped fine
-200g mince pork - marinate with some pepper, cooking wine and light soy suace
-2 leaves of chinese cabbage - sliced
-a few chinese mushrooms - soaked and sliced
-quarter piece of carrot - slice thinly
-1 tbsp oyster sauce
-1/2tsp chicken sesoning powder
-a few table spoon of water
Stir fry dried shrimps till fragrant, add in mince pork, stir and break up the pork into smaller pieces and fully cooked. Add in mushroom, nian gao, stir for a while. Add the vegetables and continue to stir fry. Add in oyster sauce, chicken seasoning powder and a little water, stir till well combined, simmer a while till nian gao is soft like kuih.


Karen said...

Hi Jennifer,

It's amazing to see this stir-fried nian gao on a blog as I hardly see this in the food blogosphere! My mom's a Shanghainese too and we love this dish to bits, especially during the Chinese New Year. My mom has friends whom she buy rice wine from and if you add the wine in, the taste is even more heavenly! :D

Jennifer said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the suggestion. I just post it just in case I may forgot how its done.;)