Monday, January 15, 2007

Lapis Cake

There were too many eggs in my fridge, was thinking of making lapis cake since last week but was put on hold. Since we didn't went to MIL's place cos Trenyce was down with flu so use the whole saturday afternoon to practise this cake.

This is my second attempt doing this cake, taking reference from Agnes Chang's book. I replace the icing sugar with fine sugar, added 4 tbsp of condense milk, added 2 tsp of mixed spice. Overall, the taste was quite nice not too sweet, but the last layer was abit spoilt.


Amrita said...

Wow your lapiscake looks extremely professional..bravo...

Maybe you can help me...when I tried making this cake some time back, it turned out soggy with some layers uncooked...hmmm

Jennifer said...

Hi Amrita,

Thanks for your kinds words.
I bake every layer till its brown before layering the next layer of batter. For this recipe I use a 8" sq cake tin, each layer is about 1/2 cup of batter. Each layer need a few minutes to bake.


Amrita said...

Hey Jennifer. Tried it out yesterday, and luckily it cooked. I think ill have to bake each layer just slightly longer to make the lines stand out more. May I ask if your recipe requires the first layer to be baked, and then contirnue the process on grill mode, or does it already start with grill mode?

Jennifer said...


Yes, so far all the lapis cake recipe I come across requires 1 layer to be baked then the other layers to be one grill mode till the last layer which will require to switch back to bake mode.


Anonymous said...


Mind sharing ur recipe?

Dizzy said...


Do you use a lapis press?


Jennifer said...

Yes dizzy, I did use lapis press.