Monday, May 28, 2007

Tau You Bak Chor (Braised Minced Pork with Soy Sauce)

I used to see my MIL cook this dish quite often, didn't learn this dish as I thought it was a simple dish, till Kenny asked me to cook this dish for lunch when we finally have our own place then I realise its not as simple as it seems, it took me a few tries to get the right taste.

I didn't use garlic cos Kenny and the kids don't like the taste of garlic with the pork, sometimes I add potato cubes or tau kua (bean curd) when braising the meat just to have a little twist from the usual dish. The dish goes very well with porriage.

200g mince pork
3 shallots

1 tbsp cooking wine
Dash of pepper
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil
½ tbsp corn flour

1tbsp shallot oil
1tbsp oyster sauce
1tsp premium dark soy sauce
¾ cup of water

1.Marinade the mince pork with marinate ingredient for about ½ hour.

2.Peel the skin of shallot and slice thinly.

3.Add 2 tbsp of oil in wok, add in shallot and fry till fragrant. Add in mince pork and stir fry till pork are fully cook and stir till the pork break into smaller pieces.

4. Add in seasoning and boil for at least 10min at low heat. Serve with rice or porriage.

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