Monday, May 14, 2007

Mango puree with sago dessert

Bought some mangoes on Friday intended to make 楊枝甘露 on Saturday but did not get any pamelo that night, so change the name of the dessert. Took reference from oriental cuisine's recipe...

20g sago
3 mangos – the flesh weighs about 900g in total
5tbsp icing sugar
200ml coconut milk
200ml cream
4tbsp water

1. Boil sago till transparent, rinse under tap water.
2. Cut 300g mango flesh into cubes; mix the remaining 600g mango flesh with coconut milk, cream, icing sugar and water, blend until fine.
3. Mix the mango mixture with sago. Chilled the mixture.
4. Pour the mixture in a serving glass or bowl, sprinkle some mango cube and serve.

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