Friday, November 28, 2008

Stew Pig Trotter

Last weekend, saw supermarket selling some pig trotter, the thought of trying this dish flash across my mind, so bought half a pig trotter and try. I did about half the recipe, but I added more water to prevent it from drying up and to make sure the skin will be cooked till soft, also added some mushrooms as I like braised mushrooms. Recipe from 'Sensational Braised and Stewed'.

1 (600g) pig trotter,
10g old ginger (flatten)
30g garlic cloves
2 tbsp cooking oil
1200ml water

4 star anises (八角)
1 piece tangerine peel (陈皮)
1 tsp szechuan pepper
5 pieces Licorice/”gan chao”(甘草)
10 cloves (丁香)
4 stalk “gui zhi” (桂枝) (Don’t have this so didn’t add)
1 inch cinnamon stick (桂皮)
6 cekurs/ “sha jiang” (沙姜) (Don’t have this so didn’t add)
2 “chao guo” (草果) (available at chinese medical hall or sengsiong)

25g rock sugar
5 tbsp soya sauce paste
1tsp dark soy sauce
3 tbso shao xing wine
½ tbsp monosodium glutamate (I don’t use this at home)

1. Ask the butcher to cut the pig’s trotter into convenient pieces. Blanch into boiling water for a moment. Remove and drained. Praboil into hot oil for a while (I didn’t do this step). Dish up, rinse under cold water. Keep aside.

2. Cook the spices with water in a deep pot until boiling, simmer for about 20min. Add in pig trotter pieces, old ginger, garlic cloves and seasoning. Bring back to the boil, covered, and stew over low heat for approximately 1 hour until tender.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can I know what "soya sauce paste" is?

Thanks for sharing.


Jennifer said...

Hi JH,

I used the soya sauce paste that can be found at the chicken rice stall which is very dark but not salty. My friend help me to buy it, its not readily available at the local supermarket.


HK Choo said...

Hi Jennifer

How are you? Is it possible for you to snap a photo of the "Soya Sauce Paste" and post it in your blog? I am curious as to what this ingredient is, first time I come across the term. Thanks in advance!

Jennifer said...

Hi Choo,

I'm fine. I will load the picture later as I'm not at home these few days. I'm not sure how the soya sauce paste in malaysia is like(book was from malaysia), maybe not as dark as the type I used.