Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sweet Potato Kuih Ku

Tried this recipe during the Deeparvali weekend. I like the skin texture, though had hard time while wrapping the filling. The skin were still soft till the next day.

200g Sweet potatoes – peeled and steamed for 20min or until soft
1 tsp castor sugar
250g Glutinous rice flour
100ml hot water
120-150ml cooking oil

Banana leaves -- cut into 6cm squares or circles

Cooking oil for brushing

Kuih ku mould

200g skinned mung bean – soak in water for 4 hours

2-3 pcs Pandan leaves
120g castor sugar
¼ tsp salt
90-105ml cooking oil

1) Prepare filling. Steam pre-soaked mung bean and screwpine leaves for 20min or until soft. Discard screwpine leaves.

2) Combine hot mung beans, sugar, salt and oil in a food processor until smooth paste result.

3) Prepare kuih skin. Mash steamed sweet potatoes with sugar, then gradually mix in glutinous rice flour until mix resembles breadcrumbs.

4) Add hot water and oil, mix with a spatula until a soft dough forms.

5) Divide dough into balls large enough to snugly fit into the kuih mould.

6) To assemble, fit form a well in each portion of dough. Place a ball of filling inside, then wrap dough around it and reseal.

7) If dough is a little sticky, lightly dust the mould with some glutinous rice flour before pressing in the filled dough.

8) Knock mould gently against the work surface to dislodge the kuih and turn out onto a piece of greased banana leaf. Repeat until ingredients are used up.

9) Steam prepared kuih over medium heat for 8-10min.

10) Lightly grease cooked kuih with some oil and serve.

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